Cereals and grain from lower austria

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  • Doris and Fritz Zucker
  • Flour from the Weinviertel

Cereals and grain from lower austria

Grinding grain: our family has been doing this for more than 170 years. Today we use modern machines and technical know-how for this, but most of the grain still comes from the area around Wilfersdorf near Mistelbach.

We not only take over products from farmers, but also supply the farms with seeds and fertilizer.

You can get the flour from us as a major customer as well as an end consumer. For household use, you can purchase Weinviertel flour and other flours in our mill shop. Various types of muesli are also available here.

Standard and special products

Standard products are usually in stock and are delivered particularly quickly within Austria. We manufacture special products according to your ideas, for example with regard to packaging size and design.

We have been known as a sugar mill for centuries because of our family name. However, we only grind grain. 😉