The sugar mill

A family business

A mill was first mentioned at this location in 1395. The mill has been owned by the Zucker family since 1848 and is now run by the 4th generation.

Located in the northern part of Lower Austria (40km north of Vienna) we are situated in one of the best grain growing areas of our country, the Weinviertel. This region, also called the granary of Austria, offers thanks to the Pannonian climate the ideal conditions to harvest qualitatively best grain varieties in order to mill high-quality flour from them.

Doris and Fritz Zucker

The 4th generation in the family business: Doris and Fritz Zucker

Aerial view sugar mill

Numbers & Data

Storage capacity

  • Grain silos 28.000t
  • Flour and loading silos 300t
  • Warehouses 3.000m2

Production capacity / day

  • Wheat grinding 50t
  • Rye milling 30t


  • 1 kg packaging line 2.000kg/h

Bagging 10, 25, 30 kg bags

  • up to 2.500kg/h depending on bag size

Our history

1848: The Zucker family takes over the small mill in Wilfersdorf, which has existed for centuries and has been in the family ever since.

Second World War: Almost complete destruction of the mill due to bombings

Post-war period: Reconstruction of the sugar mill by the then owner Josef Zucker

1951: First construction of a concrete silo in sliding construction, followed by the first metal silos, as well as a grain drying plant.

In themid-1960s, the mill building was extended, followed by the rebuilding of the grinding equipment with the aim of achieving extensive automation.
1969: Takeover of the company by Friedrich Zucker sen., the son of Josef Zucker

1969 – 1995: Under the management of Friedrich Zucker sen. the mill capacity was expanded, a fully automatic control system was installed and a small packing plant was built. He also built up a wholesale business for cereals (rye, wheat, barley, maize) and alternative products (rapeseed, peas, sunflowers).

1995: Son Friedrich jun. finished his milling studies in Switzerland and joined the company.

2002: Construction of silo plant 4: 6 metal silo cells with a capacity of 800 tons each, intake chute (120 t / h intake capacity)

2003: Bridge car construction 18m

2007: Renewal of the packaging: Installation of two packaging lines for bagged goods and flour, fully automatic palletizing lines with automatic stretch wrapping line and accumulating pallet roller conveyors into the finished goods warehouse

2015: Construction of silo plant 5: 3 metal silo cells, capacity of 3,000 tons each, intake chute and cleaning plant (150 t / h intake capacity)
Construction of an additional bridge weighbridge with 20m length

Old truck